Our focus is providing our customers with an enormous selection of high-quality plant material. Gardeners will find the unique and unusual as well as the tried-and-true with new introductions every season. We source as many of our plants as close to home as possible. We buy local, so that you can, too!


Although they only survive one growing season, annuals are the plants that will provide you with brilliant and constant color in your gardens and containers from spring through fall. Our main greenhouse overflows with flourishing, blooming annuals, including bedding plants, specialty annuals, grasses, accents, tropical plants and more. We buy from growers we know, and most of them are right here in central Indiana. [rev_slider alias=”annuals-slider-1″]


There is no gardening experience quite as satisfying as growing your own food, except maybe sharing that food with people you love. Rosie’s will help you get the right plants, soils and nutrition to get in on the Grow-Your-Own movement. Not only do we have every pepper and tomato variety under the sun – including the heirlooms, we have cucumbers, squashes, eggplants, greens, broccolis, cabbages, onions, potatoes, asparagus, herbs, berries, grapes, fruit trees, and more! We offer our expertise to ensure you get the most out of your efforts. [rev_slider alias=”edibles-slider-1″]


Every spring, perennial gardeners await the return of their old friends, and the excitement grows with each additional year. The right mix of perennials allows you to have year-round color and garden interest. Part of the fun with these plants is experimentation, arranging and re-arranging, and sharing with other perennial enthusiasts. Choose from our huge selection when you are establishing, adding to or replacing your perennial gardens. We are always finding new and exciting varieties to offer. However, we also love and promote the time-tested favorites that you have come to know. Our inventory includes roses, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers, as well as many perennials native to our area. Our stock is constantly growing and changing, so come in to see what’s new! [rev_slider alias=”perennials-slider-1″]

Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs and trees provide the foundation as well as focal points for your entire landscape. You haven’t seen shrubs and trees until you’ve been to Rosie’s! Our variety is immeasurable and our inventory is vast. Some of the notable items are unique conifers from the northwest and an unmatched assortment of Japanese maples. Not only will you find containerized plants to take home today, but we also have acres of large balled & burlapped shrubs and trees that give you the instant gratification you are looking for. Don’t landscape your home without at least one trip to Rosie’s! [rev_slider alias=”shrubs-trees-slider-1″]


Whatever the size of your water garden, we have the plants to enhance your tranquil space. You’ll find hardy waterlilies, marginals, floaters and oxygenators. We even have the additives to keep your aquatic ecosystem in balance. [rev_slider alias=”aquatics-slider-1″]

Care & Maintenance

The seasoned staff at Rosie’s is here to guide you in the care of planting and maintaining your purchases. We have what you’ll need to provide your plants with the proper nutrition as well as tackle any problem you come across. We focus on the Espoma and Bonide brands to offer products for both the traditional and natural/organic gardener. Come get advice from one of our plant specialists any time.